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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questiosn

You have questions, We have answers

Why is GST being charged on my deposit?

As per the Government of India, the new GST law policy on online real real money gaming (RMG) will be effective from 1st October 2023. This means that every time an add cash / deposit transaction is done, 28% GST will be levied.

From when will GST start getting charged?

28% GST will be deducted and paid to the government on every deposit (Add Cash) effective from 1st October 2023. This is applicable for all players on any online money gaming apps.

Who is charging this GST?

The Government of India is charging 28% GST on every add cash (deposit) effective from 1st October 2023. Gamezy Poker plays no role in taxes applied by the government.

Do I need to pay GST on every Add Cash?

Yes. As per the new GST laws published by the government, GST at the rate of 28% will be levied on every Add Cash (deposit) made by the player. If your objective is to play more games, then you can avail our Superboost offers. With Superboost offers you can earn Discount credits on withdrawals, which can be used to play your favorite poker game. Using Discount Credits, you will be able to play games at a discounted buy in value and this will allow you to play more games for the same amount of Add Cash.

Why am I not getting cashbacks during Add Cash?

Once the new GST regime is implemented, Cashbacks will no longer be available on Gamezy Poker All existing cashbacks in your account will be converted to the new Discount Credits. With cashbacks, you used to get a 5% discount on the buy-in amount of your game. With Discount Credits, you can get discounted buy-in (upto 100%) on cash games/tournaments. Furthermore, Discount Credits expire only when you don't play any cash game for a period of 30 or more days. All offers on Gamezy Poker will now give out Discount Credits as cashbacks have been discontinued.

What will be the proof of GST submitted to the government by Gamezy Poker?

During deposit (Add Cash), the platform will automatically calculate the GST amount. This amount will be deposited with the GST department by the Platform. As a proof, a GST invoice will be generated and provided to all players. This will be visible and can be downloaded from the Add Cash success screen and the Wallet section.

What are Discount Credits?

DCs are non-monetary and discretionary credits provided by Gamezy Poker to facilitate a user to play a cash game with a Discounted Buy-in Value. Discount Credits cannot be withdrawn and have a defined expiry period depending on the ongoing promotional offer. You can now play any cash game or tournament with up to 100% of your discount credits.

How can I benefit from Discount Credits?

Discount Credits are a great way to play cash games and tournaments, which offers discounted buy-in (up to 100% ). When you claim Superboost offers more frequently, you will get more Discount Credits and this will enable you to play more games. Hence, if you are planning to play more games, an option you have is to play out of your winnings. Note that every time you add cash, GST @ 28% will be deducted and paid to the government. By getting Discount Credits from Superboost offers, you can play more games hassle free.

How can I earn Discount Credits?

Currently, there are 3 ways to get Discount Credits. Add cash: You may get Discount Credits every time you add cash. The amount of Discount Credits you get will depend on the offer that will be applicable at that time. Superboost: Use Superboost when you win a game or when you are placing a withdrawal request to get extra Discount Credits. Promotional offers: You can get Discount Credits through limited period promotional offers as well

How do I use Discount Credits?

If you have available Discount Credits, they will entitle you for a discounted buy-in. When you select a particular table to join, you will see a pop up for discounted buy-in value.

What are Tournament Discount Credits (“TDC”)?

Tournament Discount Credits are non-monetary and discretionary credits provided by Gamezy Poker to facilitate a User to participate in the Tournaments with Discounted Buy-in. Tournament Discounts Credits cannot be withdrawn, have a defined expiry period depending on the ongoing promotional offer and can only be applied for Tournaments. Use TDC for registration, and re-entry, to avail discounted buy-ins to play any tournaments. Users can win TDC via multiple methods like tournament winnings, promotional offers , etc. So if you prefer to play tournaments, then TDC is the best way to play at a discounted buy-in.

How can I participate in a tournament post GST implementation?

You can participate in any tournament by submitting the “Buy-in” amount specified.

What is Superboost?

Superboost is a new offer to convert your winnings into Game Balance to play more cash games and tournaments. You get extra Discount Credits when you apply Superboost to convert your winnings.

Can Online Poker Be Trusted?

Yes, we make continuous efforts to offer a safe gaming experience. You can play online poker on Gamezy Poker that offers various formats of online poker in a secure and safe environment.

Are The Cards On Gamezy Poker Shuffled Randomly?

Yes, the cards on Gamezy Poker are randomly generated and we are certified by iTechLabs.